WOW! What a fantastic year for our dogs !

Matotoland Kennel Placed in every Maiden/Derby stake this year. Dicky Meij with Cleo also placed in Open Stake in KZN 2017
Thank you Charles Rose for the genetics that have made it possible to breed these dog. I praise and thank God for these earthly blessings

Derby and Maiden Stake Results from KZN HPR trials in Vrede

Derby Stake 
2nd - Brian Alan Hansen GSP bitch, Debarli Libby 
3rd - Amy Clarke s GSP bitch, Dualwind Franchi

Maiden Stake 
1st - Dicky Meij 's GSP bitch, Matotoland Cleo
COM - Brian Allen Hansen's GSP bitch, Debarli Libby

Gun's Choice and Novice Handler - 
Keegan Barnard with GSP bitch Cheyenne?? (not sure if Cheyenne or Calypso, will correct when I know)

 Morgenzon Temic winner British Breed Central Field Trial 2012. This was the 2nd time in the history of trialing in South Africa. We are proud of Jacob and Temic well done


Results from Derby/Maiden stake : 2017

1st Tiger, Mr Mc Gerber handled by Bennie van der Merwe
2nd Stella of Matotoland Kennel, Dante Fratti
3rd Orla, Will Pringle
COM Trigger, Leon Quenet (Matotoland Kennel)

1st Stella, Dante Fratti
2nd Orla, Will Pringle

 Derby stake - 1st Casey - Arnold Slabbert com Pipps - John Weavind Most promising pup - Toro - Danie Human Maiden Stake - com Boggom- Deon Horn Open Stake - 1st Bullet - Francois vd Walt 2nd Maximus - Fanie Barnard 3rd Peper - Koos Myer 1st com Gobi - Fanie Barnard 2nd Com Amber - John Crawford-Brand


All our dogs have placed in a trial in South Africa we have had several placings recently with Choppy of Matotoland Kennel owned by Dicky Meij winning first time ever 2 Puppy stakes back to back Tvl Hpr and Kzn. 

 Some great photo's of our trial in Greyton & Napier Western Cape. Temic & Jacob made us proud 3rd in British Breed Championship Stake!

Memphis winning the Jnr Gundog in the show ring! 

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