matotoland raven & ronald WHELPED 24 JUNE 2022

american imported bloodlines from proven hunting and champion lines

Mom and dad waiting for the babies to come

Both the sire and dam come from proven bloodlines


Memphis  x  Stella whelped 23 february 2021

litter born  5 boys & 5 girls

Memphis of matotoland kennel

Stella of matotoland kennel

DAWN  & DUKE OF MATOtoLAND KENNEL whelped 2 March 21021

Litter born  4 boys & 2 girls


Dawn was bred from imported american lines dollar sire  and dixie dam both have bred very well balanced pups. fantastic hunting buddies for the hunter that want more from his gsp.

duke has from a young age showed his potential placing in every event he has entered. bred from champion lines out of america & south africa. proven on the trialing circuit and hunting field these dogs will also protect your family

litter Dixie & maxx of matotoland  2020

See below pedigree's ,hip scan's and SOME ACTION PHOTO'S & video's of this breeding in action

Dixie retrieving a fish from the lake


hpr gsp Planned litters for 2019


Next planned gsp hpr litter for 2019

 Dagger hunting video  doing an actual find shot and retrieve

Matotoland  Dagger x Bonny 2018

Dagger of Matotoland Imp  x Bonny of Matotoland -                                                                        Whelped 4 November 2018   6 Girls  4 Boys

Dagger of Matotoland  x  Ieke of Matotoland


Matotoland Memphis x CH Goedgevonden Akuraroan       Whelped 24 October 2017


These should be for the hunters that want more from their gsp's both these dogs have extreme desire & drive and are very natural all round. Bird finding ability but will be your best hunting buddy and loving house pet Akura a show champion bred from field champions Memphis a American import has a lineage of field champions in his lines.

Hips scan done 

Lupoid has been tested in parents


Wildrose Dagger   x   Wildrose Dixie of Matotoland Kennel Whelped 30 June 2017

These pups will be ready to go August 2017 


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