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Matotoland Kennel GSP German Shorthair history on HPR hunting Dogs

This kennel started as an idea between two friends who decided to  breed a dog that would not only be a friend, but also a versatile hunting buddy. Our bloodlines originate from Texas in the USA, making them easily adaptable to local conditions. HPR wing-shooting dogs are ideal for the HPR hunter who wants more from his GSP - a family dog and a skilled machine for the hunt, point and retrieve of grassland birds and waterfowl. 

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News from Matotoland

matotoland pups with their new families

This is how it all began  - click here to read our blog since 2008

New litters 2021 -  New Generation Pups. Memphis X Stella  - both from top American imported GSP genetics. All our bloodlines coming together!

The new generation german shorthairs are just next level, for the hunter that want more from his hunting buddy!

Our Blog page has reached over a 100,000 hits and our new generation German short-hairs are doing better than the first generation!

Dagger  X  Bonny  - these pups show biddability and style with fantastic noses

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