Matotoland kennel field trial & puppy stake


Daci x Maxx LITTER

puppy stake ACHIEVEMENTS 2020

Maxx & dixie litter whelped 29 january 2020

'Trigger' out of matotoland kennel

trigger is a gsp from top german shorthair lines and hpr dogs in South Africa

Trigger is owner by Leon Quenet WHO did a fantastic job training Trigger. He has won Open stakes in Hpr trials and HAS placed in THE British Breed Trials proving his versatility. TRIGGER WAS AWARDED NATIONAL COLOURS IN 2019. With these good placements & achievements at SUCH a young age Trigger has a bright future ahead, AND we are proud to have played a part in his genetics.


morgenzon bullet of matotoland kennel  - 10 year old gsp still huntiNg aNd placing

MORGENZON Bullet TOOK 2ND PLACE IN THE SAFTC Open Stake AT Verloren Vallei IN 2018.

MORGENZON 'BULLET' of matotoland kennel

morgenzon bullet of matotoland kennel  - 2011 OPEN STAKE WINNER


Keiser of matotoland kennel  - youngest gsp to pass THE savhda advanced test

 Werner Terblanche testimony 

The last week and a bit has been quite overwhelming for me, since Keizer  and I returned from our trip to the Overberg to do the Cape SAVHDA tests!

Reflecting on what really happened turned into a vague memory when the reality of what the massive achie
vement was all about sunk in! Numerous notes and messages from fellow versatile hunting dog breed enthusiasts made me realize that, as our dream of the last 18 months became a reality.

Keizer is the 2nd and Youngest dog to pass the Advanced Versatile hunting test in SA (this Test is nearly identical to the German Solms and HZP tests in Europe)!

I want to share two important aspects that I believe played an instrumental role in our success.

Point 1 - The role of mental preparation is underestimated in any sporting event, notwithstanding through a 3rd party... your hunting buddy! The preparation of yourself as handler mentally, emotionally and physically for a grueling day of 6 tests across 3 stages of ultimate pressure, exposure and emotional readiness to ensure that you set up your partner for success is fundamental.

Why is it then that only 5% of competitors always win 95% of the the time? Any serious competitor will confirm that mental toughness is 90% of the winning habit, but why is it then that if mental readiness is so important that we only spent 10% of training time on it? The answer lies in the way we think - "Lanny Bassham with Winning in mind".

So what did Mr Bassham teach me? Herewith the 5 learning principles I took away from a few skype sessions and indulging in his variety of mental training books.

• Principle of desire - you can have anything you desire otherwise you would not think about it
• Principle of reinforcement- the more you think about, talk about, write about something the higher the probability of it becoming a reality
• Principle of equilibrium - our conscious mind, subconscious and self-image require complete equilibrium for you to succeed at the highest level
• Principle of focus – focus on process not outcome
• Principle of mental consistency – this is the most important ingredient to success

Point 2 – The second aspect I want to leave you with is that of focusing on the 3 D's in order to succeed... Discipline, Dedication and Determination.

In my opinion, the SAVHDA tests are by a long way the most intense and difficult to achieve versatile/HPR hunting dog tests in this country.

The Advanced Versatile Hunting Test (AdVHT) requires your partner in the field work stage to independently find wild birds using the wind and his/her nose to perfection, point them and remain steady to flush.

The water stage requires 3 different tests, from a shot over your dog’s head while retrieving in water, to a blind retrieve in deep cover and not to mention a live duck search in water and deep cover.

If that is not enough, the drag stage testing requires two retrieves by drag: A 150m on a guinea fowl, and a 350m drag on rabbit or hare. Both drags have two turns and in both the game is to be retrieved independently to hand.

Obedience, cooperation and manner of retrieve are tested throughout the day.

So, the amount of training on a daily basis over a prolonged period of time (in our case 18 months) with very specialised training guidance (in our case Boavida gun dog training) and your own drive to succeed, forms the basis of a successful outcome.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be Keizer’s partner and that we are able to continuously learn and improve to become a formidable team!

#upwardandonward we go!

Werner Terblanche

 WOW! What a fantastic year for our dogs !

Matotoland Kennel placed in every Maiden/Derby stake during 2017. Dicky Meij with Cleo also placed in the Open Stake in KZN  during 2017.
Our appreciation goes out to Charles Rose of Wildrose Outfitter & Kennel (Seymour, Texas) for the genetics that have made it possible to breed these dogs. I praise and thank God for these earthly blessings.

Derby and Maiden Stake Results from KZN HPR trials in Vrede 2017

Derby Stake 
2nd - Brian Alan Hansen GSP bitch, Debarli Libby 
3rd - Amy Clarke s GSP bitch, Dualwind Franchi

Maiden Stake 
1st - Dicky Meij 's GSP bitch, Matotoland Cleo
COM - Brian Allen Hansen's GSP bitch, Debarli Libby

Gun's Choice and Novice Handler - 
Keegan Barnard with GSP bitch Cheyenne?? (not sure if Cheyenne or Calypso, will correct when I know)

Morgenzon 'Temic' - Winner of the British Breed Central Field Trial in 2012.

  This was the 2nd time in the history of trialing in South Africa that a GSP wins the British Breed Champion Stake. We are proud of Jacob and Temic  - well done!


Results from Derby/Maiden stake : 2017

1st Tiger, Mr Mc Gerber handled by Bennie van der Merwe
2nd Stella of Matotoland Kennel, Dante Fratti
3rd Orla, Will Pringle
COM Trigger, Leon Quenet (Matotoland Kennel)

1st Stella, Dante Fratti
2nd Orla, Will Pringle

 Derby stake - 1st Casey - Arnold Slabbert com Pipps - John Weavind Most promising pup - Toro - Danie Human Maiden Stake - com Boggom- Deon Horn Open Stake - 1st Bullet - Francois vd Walt 2nd Maximus - Fanie Barnard 3rd Peper - Koos Myer 1st com Gobi - Fanie Barnard 2nd Com Amber - John Crawford-Brand

All our dogs have placed in a trial in South Africa we have had several placings recently with Choppy of Matotoland Kennel owned by Dicky Meij winning first time ever 2 Puppy stakes back to back Tvl Hpr and Kzn. 

 Some great photo's of our trial in Greyton & Napier Western Cape. Temic & Jacob made us proud - 3rd in British Breed Championship Stake!

Memphis winning the Jnr Gundog in the show ring! 

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