Gsp hpr handler guidelines

Gund dog training guidelines for new handlers

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Handler Guidelines for Training a German Short-haired Pointer for the Hunting Field

The purpose of writing these notes is to familiarize owners of new pups where, when and how to begin a Hunt, Point and Retrieve training programme so that you may quickly being a position to begin hunting and field trialing your dog.

These notes are not going to be involved with training a handler on how to train elementary sit, fetch or house breaking (Pee outside) commands etc, it must be assumed that you either already know how to do this or you will learn these things practically through the HPR club or other sources. These notes will not cover the extremely important Backing (honoring a brace mates point) requirement that is expected from all dogs in the field where more than one dog is hunting at a time. I feel that this requirement must be practically demonstrated to a GSP owner as writing the requirement down on paper may go some way to distracting a GSP owner from the most important requirements of his dog, which are finding, pointing and retrieving his own birds.

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